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Invisalign Instructions

  • Use a soft toothbrush and either water or toothpaste to clean aligners prior to use. Do NOT use denture cleaner or mouthwash on aligners.

  • Each aligner is marked with either a “U” or an “L” which corresponds to upper and lower, followed by the treatment stage number.

  • To insert an aligner, gently push it over your front teeth and then use your fingertips to apply gentle pressure over your molars until the aligner snaps into place. Do NOT bite aligners into position as this is likely to damage them.

  • To remove an aligner, use your fingertip on the inside of the back molar to slowly pull the aligner away from the teeth until it dislodges and can be removed.

  • Please inform our office staff if you experience any difficulty inserting or removing your aligners.

  • Aligners must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day for treatment to progress as planned. Each pair of aligners should be worn for a 2 week period when your aligners are first placed.  After your initial appointment follow whatever the Dr. told you.

  • The aligners should be removed prior to eating and drinking (anything other than water) to protect them from damage and to prevent discoloration.

  • Ideally you should brush and floss after every meal and snack, but if you are unable to do so, rinse your mouth and clean your aligners by holding them under warm running water.

  • Always store your aligners in the case when you are not wearing them to prevent loss or damage.

  • When starting a new set of aligners, switch to your new set in the evening. Rinse the new aligners and wear them for at least 12 hours straight.

  • Discomfort caused by the new aligners will usually subside within a few days, but please feel free to take Ibuprofen as needed to alleviate tooth soreness during Invisalign treatment.  Sometimes an aligner may need smoothed lightly with a fingernail file for a sharp edge.

  • Store recently used aligners in the marked bag it came in as a backup for just-in-case reasons.

How to Remove Invisalign®?

1. On one side of your mouth, use your fingertip on the inside of your back molar to slowly pull the aligner from your molars.

2. Repeat this process on the other side of your mouth before trying to completely remove the aligner.

3. Once aligner is disengaged from the molars on both sides of your mouth, you should be able to slowly work your way forward gently prying the aligner away from your teeth with your fingertips.

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Daily Care and Maintenance of Invisalign®

1. Clean your aligners prior to each insertion. Use a soft bristle toothbrush with water and a small amount of toothpaste. You may find it easiest to clean the outside of your aligners by brushing them while they are still on your teeth, then remove your aligners to clean the inside surfaces.

Note: Be sure to rinse each aligner thoroughly with water after each cleaning. We also recommend that you use the Invisalign aligner cleaning products once a week, or as needed.

2. Do NOT use denture cleaners to clean aligners. Do NOT soak them in mouthwash. These products can damage the surface of the aligner, causing it to become dull and more visible.

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